Korakas Cape Shipwreck

A boat wreck from 1943

Korakas Cape Shipwreck Description

Korakas Cape Shipwreck. Nestled at the northeastern tip of the island, a mere half-hour journey from Petra Base, lies the captivating Korakas Cape Shipwreck. A relic from 1943, this submerged treasure unveils itself as a robust metal merchant ship, stretching approximately 25 meters in length. Resting gracefully on its side, the vessel’s bow gracefully descends to around -16 meters, while the stern gracefully sinks to -28 meters.

Remarkably preserved, this underwater time capsule beckons exploration, offering a rare opportunity to venture into its confined chambers. The maritime spectacle doesn’t end there — the site surrounding the sunken vessel is equally enthralling. A colossal metal anchor stands as a silent sentinel, and a collection of impeccably preserved amphorae adds a touch of ancient mystique to the underwater landscape. Notably, a vast heap of cement sacks, now solidified into an aquatic rock formation, enhances the scene with an intriguing industrial touch.

Dive into an ecosystem teeming with marine life, where vibrant underwater flora and fauna create a living tapestry around this submerged marvel. Korakas Cape Wreck isn’t just a glimpse into the past; it’s an immersive journey into an underwater realm where history, nature, and the marvels of the deep converge in a unique symphony of discovery.

Korakas Cape Shipwreck


Depth at the bottom:           27m
Level of diver training:        Advanced
Diving type:                             Wreck
Diving period:                         Whole year. Season May-September
Visibility max:                         12-30m
Water temperature:             15-25°C
Available from:                       Shore / Boat
Currents:                                   Occurs
Warnings:                                  None

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