Mitilini Wreck

Mitilini Wreck description:

The diving site is accessible only by boat. The average depth is 16m. On the site, there is a wreck of a German cargo ship, which sank in 1961 due to a propeller failure. The wreck is mostly covered with colored sponges and quills. The cargo became home to octopuses, tuna, crayfishes, groupers, crustaceans and mollusks. Although the ship is covered with fishing nets and ropes, it is possible to visit its hold and bridge. The ship’s stern is severely damaged, and the beak is impressive and large. In the immediate environment there are many barrels that were transported. This a very interesting place, perfect for beginner divers.

Mitilini Wreck, Kassandra Halkidiki


Depth above the wreck:     No Information
Depth at the bottom:   
Level of diver training:        Beginner
Diving type:                             Wreck
Diving period:                         Whole year. Season May-September
Visibility max:                         12-30m
Water temperature:             15-25°C
Available from:                       Boat
Currents:                                   Occurs
Warnings:                                  None

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