Volcano Dive Center

Scuba Greece is one of leading scuba diving enterprises in Greece, established in 1978.

Avid sea-lovers from around the world have enjoyed breath-taking dives in the crystal clear Aegean waters, with Sotiriou Dive Centre. Our perennial experience, in conjunction with reputable and qualified instructors from the early stages of training to technical education schools and mixed gas (nitrox – trimix), guarantee to cover the needs of our visitors, from the most experienced divers, to divers who wish to begin exploring the oceans with us. For more experienced divers, in the top tier of our educational courses, we offer professional trainers’ courses.

We have been diving in Santorini, under the name Volcano Dive Centre, offering personal attention and safe dives since 1999.

As a certified member of both IANTD and PADI, we follow the program of each organisation and provide the best possible experience and education to the participants. Many famous guests have trusted Volcano Dive Centre either to live the magical experience of diving during their summer holidays, or to complete a cycle of higher education level certifications. To name a couple: the astronauts Jeffrey Hoffman and Jo Allen honoured us with their presence in our dive centre in Santorini.

One of our dive projects, the wreck of the Britannic (the largest sister ship of the Titanic) was a unique experience for all participants (1997, Depth -120m).

2 reviews

  1. The best diving experience

    I never try diving before and i felt very nervous.
    The briefing was on point with all the details for the dive.
    They gave us all the necessary equipment and we have an amazing time underwater!
    When we finish we also get pictures of the dive for free.

  2. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

    I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Manthos and his team are very caring and they’ll make sure you’re feeling comfortable before going into the water. It’s clear from the very beginning that safety is their priority! His attention to detail, along with his impeccable communication, set the perfect example of how a diving center should run. The diving sites we went to were magnificent, with plenty of marine life. Cave diving was my personal highlight. You will never regret diving with them!

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