Porto Valitsa

The Great Wall


Porto Valitsa. This spot, located on the east side of Kassandra peninsula, is near The Cape of Paliouri. The left side of Valitsa Bay is also known as Porto Valitsa. You start your dive following a sandy path among a posidonia forest. Then, the bottom becomes rocky and progressively deeper with steps and, big rocks, and overhangs with vegetation are scattered all over the place. There, you may see moray eels, octopuses, groupers and sargus fish. On the right side, your dive will begin at about 4 – 5m and, very quickly, the field of sea grass is succeeded by the boulders. Progressively, you go deeper till you reach the vertical façade. Looking carefully at the front, but also at the crevices and holes of the wall, you are going to see crinoids, lobsters, crabs and other creatures of all sizes and shapes..
Dive site Porto Valitsa.


Depth at the bottom: 1-50m
Level of diver training: All Levels
Diving type: Dive Spot
Diving period: Whole year
Visibility max: 200m
Water temperature: 14-27°C
Available from: Shore
Currents: No Currents

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