Elephant Cave

The ultimate


The length of the cave is 160 meters, while its entrance is located approximately 10 meters below the sea level.

Its bottom is completely covered with water, in some places shallower and in some places, deeper reaching even four meters. At the entrance of the cave there is a tunnel of about 40 meters and then the rest of the section has a length of 125 meters and an average width of 25 meters which is also the main hall of the cave, which has been partially flooded by water. Read more…
Cave of elephants Rethymno Crete



Depth at the bottom: 10m
Level of diver training: Open Water +
Diving type: Cave
Diving period: April – November
Dive Time: 40′-60′ depends on air consumption
Visibility max: 30m out of the cave / in the cave night dive conditions
Water temperature: 20° – 25°C
Available from: Boat
Currents: None
Warnings: Torches are needed, that are included in the price and are given from the dive center

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