British Wreck


British Wreck description:

British Wreck. The appellation Minnewaska derives its origin from the Native American lexicon, signifying crystalline waters. Crafted in the shipyards of Belfast in November 1908, this maritime marvel stretched 183 meters in length, designed as an elegant passenger steamer. Its narrative weaves through the annals of the First World War, where it metamorphosed into a vessel of strategic importance for the British military, ferrying troops across tumultuous waters.

The 29th of November 1916 marked a pivotal chapter as the vessel navigated the waters departing from Souda with troops aboard. However, fate intervened as the ship encountered the detonation of a mine surreptitiously planted by the German submarine UC23. Descending below the waterline, the Minnewaska found itself ensnared in the clutches of the deep.

In a display of seamanship prowess, Captain Gates charted a course towards the closest land, striving to beach the ship in the enclave of Marathi. The survivors of the explosive ordeal managed to reach the safety of the shore, creating an indelible tale of resilience. The remnants of this nautical tragedy lingered, resting in the embrace of Marathi for an extended epoch until an Italian enterprise, enticed by the allure of scrap, acquired the wreckage.

Within this submerged sepulcher lies a fragment beyond reclamation—a 50-meter expanse, 10 meters in width—a silent witness to the depths, concealed and unveiled at the nexus of 12 to 20 meters beneath the surface, an enigmatic tableau awaiting exploration by intrepid divers.


Depth at the bottom:           20m
Level of diver training:        Beginner
Diving type:                             Wreck
Diving period:                         Whole year. Season May-September
Visibility max:                         12-30m
Water temperature:             15-25°C
Available from:                       Boat
Currents:                                   Occurs
Warnings:                                  None

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