Restrictions and Limitations in diving

Restrictions and Limitations.

We hear a lot about what is allowed and what is prohibited in diving. What does the law provide?

What does the law provide?
What does the law provide?

Restrictions and Limitations. We have read Law 3409/2005 as amended in 2020 by Law 4688 and present below its main points.

Diving is prohibited in areas:

  • Crossing or anchoring of vessels
  • Gyms or other activities of the armed forces
  • Conducting voyages of leased motorized water recreational vehicles within 100 meters from their starting point.
  • Where there are prohibitions from legislation related to the declaration of marine protected areas
  • Where there are installed underwater cables and systems of public utility organizations
  • Where justified prohibitions exist by the Port Authority for the safety of ships and individuals

Diving is prohibited for individuals not certified by a diving entity authorized to certify in Greece Dives are prohibited during the period one hour after sunset and until one hour before sunrise, unless there is written permission from the Port Authority.
When night diving is conducted by a diving service provider, prior notification to the Port Authority is required.
Diving is prohibited at wrecks in the sea older than 50 years without the accompaniment of a diving service provider.

Certified divers during diving are prohibited from:

  • Fishing with a spear gun or other diving tools
  • Collecting, disturbing, or destroying elements of flora and fauna, as well as engaging in actions that alter or suspend the ecological processes of the area
  • Having on board the vessel they move, underwater fishing gear, as well as catches or other aquatic organisms
  • Retrieving, photographing, or moving objects of archaeological value
  • Photographing and filming in areas where diving is prohibited without written permission from the competent authority
  • Diving without the accompaniment of another diver

Every diver is obliged to:

  • Inform the competent Port Authority if they locate objects of archaeological/police interest or wrecks
  • Display a diving flag on the vessel accompanying divers
  • Carry a diver’s buoy if moving beyond 50 meters from the vessel or diving without vessel accompaniment.

Restrictions and Limitations in diving


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