WWII Boat Wreck

a boat sunk in 1926

WWII Boat Wreck description:

WWII Boat Wreck. The diving site is accessible only by boat. The average depth is 10m. On the site, there is a wreck of a boat sunk in 1926. The wreck has remained in good condition, standing vertically on the seabed so that you can touch it and explore its interior. Most of it is covered with sea vegetation, creating picturesque views. It is a shelter for many species of marine fish. The place is perfect mainly for training and beginner divers, due to the shallow waters and absence of sea currents.

WWII Boat Wreck


Depth above the wreck:     No information
Depth at the bottom:   
Level of diver training:        Beginner
Diving type:                             Wreck
Diving period:                         Whole year. Season May-September
Visibility max:                         12-30m
Water temperature:             15-25°C
Available from:                       Shore / Boat
Currents:                                   None
Warnings:                                  None

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