Thor Star Pserimos


Wreck description:

Thor Star wreck was a Syrian cargo ship built in 1965 and abandoned in 1997 due to a problem in the engine. The ship because of the bad weather conditions was crashed to the rocky area in the southeast part of the island.

Thor Star is a dive site located on the south-east side of Pserimos Island. The 73-meters/240-foot long German boat was built in 1965 and served as a cargo ship before it was abandoned in 1997. It eventually sunk and now lays on its left side. The spot is very popular among divers in the region.

The bow of the Thor Star shipwreck lies in very shallow water at a depth of about 5 meters/16 feet while the stern rests in water 15 meters/49 feet deep. The visibility is typically very good and the current is low, which makes it suitable for both beginners and experienced divers.

Thor Star remains in good condition despite being broken up into three parts. The shipwreck offers a lot of swim-throughs and experienced wreck divers can penetrate its bridge.

There’s also marine life to be found inside and around the Thor Star wreck: damselfish, snappers, jacks, scorpionfish, tuna, sea breams, nudibranchs, and sea slugs, among others.

Thor Star Divesite in Pserimos Dodekanisa



Depth above the wreck:5m
Depth at the bottom:
Level of diver training:  All Levels
Diving type: Wreck
Diving period: May-October
Dive Time: 40-46
Visibility max:25-30m
Water temperature: 20-25°C
Available from: Boat
Currents: None
Warnings: None

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