Purple Cave Evia

crystal clear waters

Divesite description:

Purple Cave – Evia. We explore the special Purple Cave and get lost in the underwater nature!

Looking for an excuse to travel? Do you want to get to know new places and live small adventures in Greece? Then you don’t need to drive many kilometers, nor give a fortune. It is enough to have good company, knowledge and mood and start for Evia. The reason for the Purple Cave, which was explored by members of the Speleological Greek Research Group of Evia and stands out for its beauty.

The Purple Cave is a fascinating diving site, with two underwater entrances at 5 meters
and 16 meters and a large opening to the sky 25 meters from the surface of the sea.
Looking at the cave from the upper opening we see crystal clear waters and the rocks
that exist at its bottom.

The lake has almost the same dimensions as the cave and its depth is about 15 meters. The lake is fed with sea water and joins the sea in two places, forming an impressive arch of 15 meters, but also by a small slit of three meters.

One can see its interior only by diving or climbing the rocky slope that ends in the sea.
Our Dive Center is the first diving center that guides divers and climbers from
the bottom as well as on the ceiling of the cave.
Purple Cave has been voted the best diving destination in Greece.
To visit the Purple Cave you will need to be accompanied by our diving team.
Purple Cave Divesite in Evia.



Depth at the bottom: 18m
Level of diver training:  All Levels
Diving type: Cave
Diving period: Whole year
Visibility max: 12-30m
Water temperature: 15-25°C
Available from: Boat
Currents: None
Warnings: None

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