Margaritis Reef Skopelos

Divesite description:

Margaritis Reef Skopelos is located on the northwest side of Strogilo island, Skopelos, Sporades. We anchor the boat close to the reef and next to the island at a depth of about 5-10 m. We swim close to the island and descend at a depth of 5 meters. Swimming around the reef, we encounter smaller and bigger rocks and walls, forming a very interesting landscape with plenty of marine life. If there is enough air and time, we swim for one more time around the reef at a depth of 8-5 m.
Margaritis Reef Divesite in Sporades Skopelos



Depth at the bottom: 40
Level of diver training: Advanced
Diving type: Wall – Reef
Diving period: May – September
Dive Time: 40 – 50 min
Visibility max:  15m
Water temperature: 21-25°C
Available from: Boat
Warnings: None

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  1. amazing experience

    amazing spot, it is a great experience and skopelos is a wonderful greek island

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