M/V Giannoula K. Shipwreck

On the site, there is a shipwreck, which rests at a depth of 14m.

Wreck description:

M/V Giannoula K. Shipwreck. The diving site is accessible by boat. The average depth is 10m. On the site, there is a shipwreck, which rests at a depth of 14m. The large wreck is located about 40 minutes from the coast of Rhodes Island. The specific place of remaining shipwreck is marked with buoy on the surface of the water. The whole wreckage is covered with sea vegetation, which creates a beautiful view. This is a great place for beginners and training divers.

Sunk in 1981, 110m long and with her mast coming all the way up to the surface, this cargo ship will take your breath away. This wreck dive is a 2 dives package. The first dive is all around the vessel and the upper decks and in the second dive we visit inner parts and the engine room.
M/V Giannoula K. Shipwreck Rhodes


Depth above the wreck: 0-5 m
Depth at the bottom:
Level of diver training: All Levels
Diving type: Wreck
Diving period: April – October
Visibility max: 30+m
Water temperature: 15-29°C
Available from: Boat
Currents: Surface
Warnings: Possible strong surface currentur

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