Lift divesite Skopelos

Divesite description:

Lift divesite Skopelos. Located in the South of Dasia Island, the dive starts when we meet a rock that marks the beginning of our dive. We descend at 18 m. where we meet a cavern, an area where easily buddy teams can meet. Inside there is a remarkable display of colorful sponges. On our way back, we enter the “Lift” at the depth of 10m. The Lift is named after the maneuver the divers need to operate that permits them to ascend from 10 to 5m. depth. As soon as exiting the Lift, we keep swimming until we reach the boat.
Lift Divesite in Sporades Skopelos



Depth at the bottom: 30
Level of diver training: All Levels
Diving type: Wall – Reef
Diving period: May – September
Dive Time: 40 – 50 min
Visibility max:  15m
Water temperature: 21-25°C
Available from: Boat
Warnings: None

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