German Warship Wreck


Wreck description:

German Warship Wreck Divesite.

Exploring the sunken remnants of a German warship from World War II, resting peacefully in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea at 36 meters, promises a captivating underwater journey. The vessel, now an artificial reef, boasts a thriving ecosystem and serves as a haven for various marine life.

As you descend along the descent line, the first hints of the shipwreck become apparent from about 20 meters below the surface. The underwater landscape transforms into a mesmerizing spectacle as you approach the wreckage.

Lobsters scuttle through the crevices of the vessel, and two large conger fish gracefully navigate their adopted home. The ship’s surfaces are adorned with vibrant yellow and black sponges, creating a kaleidoscope of colors beneath the waves. A blanket of minnows gracefully covers the wreck, adding a sense of dynamic movement to the scene.

Notable features include the remarkably intact helm, a testament to the ship’s history frozen in time. The bow reveals a machine gun mount, evoking the wartime machinery that once defined the vessel. German beer bottles scattered across the seabed tell tales of the crew’s past.

On the open deck, remnants of the ship’s bomb load serve as poignant reminders of the vessel’s wartime purpose. The entire site is a testament to the delicate balance between the remnants of human conflict and the resilient beauty of nature reclaiming its space.

Only experienced divers can partake in this immersive exploration, marveling at the symbiosis between history, marine life, and the tranquil depths of the Mediterranean Sea.

German Warship Wreck Divesite in Evia


Depth above the wreck: 20
Depth at the bottom: 36
Level of diver training: Advanced, Deep Dive (at least 30 logged dives)
Diving type: Wreck
Diving period: All Year
Dive Time: 20 min (Depents on the air)
Visibility max: 10m
Water temperature: 19-28°C
Available from: Boat
Currents: None
Warnings: None

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