Eurobulker X Wreck

The biggest wreck of the Greek seas at this shallow depth.

Eurobulker X Wreck description:

The Eurobulker X freighter that broke in half while loading cement and sank between the island of Evia and Attica, was completely unseaworthy and should never have been allowed to sail.
An official report compiled by two naval engineers described the 26-year-old vessel’s general condition as ranging from average to poor, while parts of it were almost completely decayed.
The Eurobulker X sank in the Bay of Lefkandi, just south of Halkis in central Evia, on September 1, 2000. Ukrainian seaman Vladimir Krasulnikov, 49, was killed while the remaining 15 officers and crew were saved. The naval engineers found that the metal hull in the lower decks was 30-40 percent decayed and should have been replaced, while the upper ballast tanks were 50-100 percent decayed.
A piece of Eurobulker X sticks out of the water to a height of three meters and remains a reminder of its history. The Eurobulker X wreck is sitting upright, on a sandy, muddy bottom. Its deepest part is at about 35 meters, but actually its most interesting part is between 10 and 20 meters.
It is of course a destination for scuba divers, since due to its size, it is impossible to explore it in a single dive, and if the underwater visitors are lucky and get good weather with good visibility then they will be impressed.
In the bow, the “ball” of the ship is impressive, as well as some hatches, while in the stern, a tour of its huge propeller is absolutely necessary. Equally impressive is the point where the ship broke, as the cement that contained its holds, now solidified, resembles a lunar landscape.
On our 2 dives we will visit the bridge, the big crack, the first hold, the kitchen, the sailors
lounge, the corridors and the staircase that led to the rooms, the bathroom and the tank
storage room.
Eurobulker X Wreck Divesite in Evia


Depth above the wreck: 0m
Depth at the bottom:
Level of diver training:  All Levels (depends to your lever and limits), Wreck Diver Specialty
Diving type: Wreck
Diving period: Whole year
Visibility max: 12-30m
Water temperature: 15-25°C
Available from: Boat
Currents: Occurs
Warnings: None

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  1. Great dive site. Some areas you can penatrate. Vis can be a hit and miss.

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