Eurobulker X Wreck

The biggest wreck of the Greek seas at this shallow depth.

Wreck description:

The diving site is accessible only by boat. There is a huge shipwreck that carried cement and was sunk in 2000. The ship broke into two parts and lies at the bottom of the sea.


Depth above the wreck:     0m
Depth at the bottom:   
Level of diver training:        Advanced
Diving type:                             Wreck
Diving period:                         Whole year. Season May-September
Visibility max:                         12-30m
Water temperature:             15-25°C
Available from:                       Shore / Boat
Currents:                                   Occurs
Warnings:                                  None

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  1. Great dive site. Some areas you can penatrate. Vis can be a hit and miss.

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