Avlaki divesite

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Avlaki divesite description:

The diving site, an ancient port, is on the west side of Kassandra peninsula, at the end of Thermaikos Bay. It is famous for its crystal clear water, its variety of life and its beautiful precipices. Sand and beautiful rock formations alternate all over the seabed. Avlaki in Greek means “furrow” and, actually, the rock sloping massif forms a furrow that you follow as you go deeper. Furthermore, in that site, it is unlikely to meet other divers underwater, but the passing of dolphins is not to exclude!

Avlaki divesite – Kassandra Halkidiki Greece


Depth at the bottom: 30-35m
Level of diver training: All Levels
Diving type: Dive Spot
Diving period: Whole year
Visibility max: 30m
Water temperature: 14-26°C
Available from: Shore
Currents: Sometimes
Warnings: None

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