German Warship


Wreck description:

German Warship Divesite.
Dive on the German warship with memories from World War 2. Sunken in the
Mediterranean Sea at 36m depth is rich in underwater life.
What will we see?
The ship is now home for lobsters and 2 large conger fish. There are also yellow and black sponges, as well as a blanket of minnows covering the wreck.
The helm remains intact. The machine gun mount on the bow, the German beers andthe bomb load on the open deck are some of the points that make it unique.
The wreck is visible from 20m and the dive starts from a descent line.
Only experienced divers can participate.
German Warship Wreck Divesite in Evia


Depth above the wreck: 20
Depth at the bottom: 36
Level of diver training: Advanced, Deep Dive (at least 30 logged dives)
Diving type: Wreck
Diving period: All Year
Dive Time: 20 min (Depents on the air)
Visibility max: 10m
Water temperature: 19-28°C
Available from: Boat
Currents: None
Warnings: None

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