Seacsub R20

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Seacsub R20


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- Battery type: rechargeable Li-ion 26650 with life of more than 500 recharges
- Autonomy: 3,5 h max power - 9 h min power. Charging time 8 h - Maximum depth: 200 metres
- Diameter/Length: 55 mm/183 mm
- Weight: 420 g
- Power on: electromagnetic system
- Seal: double O-Ring radial seal
- Glass: optical tempered
- Triple function: maximum power, reduced power and intermittent flash • Lumen: 900 LM.
- Possibility to vary the light beam (from 11° to 78°).
- Power on: electromagnetic system.
- 1 CREE XML2-U3 new generation LED.

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